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Examples of Friction Welding pattern

  1. Simplification of the welding process, and weight saving of the products, very law temperature atmosphere, ultrahigh vacuum.Examples of Friction Weding No.1
  2. For the parts where the difference of thermal conductivity is required. Examples of Friction Weding No.2
  3. For the parts where electrical properties and mechanical properties are required.Examples of Friction Weding No.3
  4. For the parts where magnetism, Non magnetism, and hardness are required.Examples of Friction Weding No.4
  5. For reducing costs and material saving of expensive metals.( Heat resistance and Corrosion resistance)Examples of Friction Weding No.5
  6. When other method is not useful(Abrasion resistance and Impact resistance) Patent pending.Examples of Friction Weding No.6

*Unsuitable for structural component, since the strength is reduced because of the use of in-between materials.